I don’t think I could live with anybody. I had roommates, and it’s not for me. I like my space!

- I cannot stand you.
- I need advice.
♣ - I hate your tumblr.
● - I admire you very much.
♥ - Will you marry me?
- I love you.
☺ - I’m too shy to talk to you.
 - Wish you were mine.
 - You are ridiculous.
 - Your tumblr is one of my favorites!
₪  - Leave tumblr. You are weak.
- Age?
- Sexual orientation?
❈ - Last song you listened?
▲ - Favorite Number?
- Your perfect girl/boy?

I’d care if the person I reblogged this from committed suicide.


Sitting beside her he rub his shoulders as he began to look around once more. Still no sign of life or the owners. Maybe they wanted them to enter and seen them on there way over and left for milk or something. Hopefully they’d return soon.

As he finally sat down besides her she leaned slightly against him, resting her hand on his thigh before taking a deep breath. “This isn´t all too bad..” she said trying to look at the bright side of things.